Conference 2008

Conference 2008 is over and it was a success!  Click on the links below to experience some of the presentations and pictures! More presentations will be posted in the coming days, so be sure to check back! 

Conference 2008 Pictures

Keynote Speaker: Barbara Law
Part 1: Who's in Charge Here?  & Part 2: It doesn't mean a thing if it ain't got that Swing.

Barbara Law Powerpoint 1

Barbara Law Powerpoint 2  




Keynote Speaker: Elizabeth Coelho
Part 1: Doing School in Second Language: Challenges and Opportunities & Part 2: Teaching in the Quadants: A Framework for Instruction and Assessment

Elizabeth Coelho's handout 1

Elizabeth Coelho's handout 2

Dejla Al-Rekabi : Refugees

Dejla Al-Rekabi's Powerpoint

Melissa Luhtanen: Hopes and Dreams: Stories of Young Refugees

Melissa Lutanen's Powerpoint

Linda Siegel:  Early Identification and Intervention to Prevent Reading Difficulties in ESL Students

Linda Siegel's Powerpoint

Karen Demilliano & Kerri McLaughlin-Phillips:  Supporting and Challenging English Language Learners by Differentiating Instruction

Karen Demilliano & Kerri McLaughlin-Phillips Powerpoint

Patti Trussler: Teaching English Words

Patti Trussler's Powerpoint

Hetty Roessingh: Early language and Literacy Development among Young ELL

Hetty Roessingh's Powerpoint

Dr. Yan Guo:  Exploring Immigrant Parents’ Contributions to Education

Dr. Yan Guo's Powerpoint